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Camec Led Bayonet 27 Led Single Contact 12 Volt Cool White Caravan


CAMEC 040176 LED Bayonet 27 LED Single Contact 12 Volt Cool White Caravan 


The Camec LED Bayonet is a lighting accessory designed for caravans, providing energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination. Specifically, the LED Bayonet features 27 individual LEDs and is designed for a single-contact bayonet socket. The 12-volt configuration makes it suitable for use in various caravan lighting systems. The light emitted is in a cool white color, providing bright and clear illumination.

Key features of the Camec LED Bayonet (27 LED, Single Contact, 12 Volt, Cool White, Caravan - 040176) include:

LED Technology: Utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology for energy efficiency and extended lifespan compared to traditional lighting.

Bayonet Mount: Designed to fit into a bayonet socket, providing a secure and convenient connection.

Single Contact: Specifically configured for single-contact bayonet sockets.
Voltage Compatibility: Operates on a 12-volt electrical system, commonly found in caravans and RVs.

27 LEDs: The bayonet features 27 individual LEDs, distributing light evenly and providing bright illumination.

Cool White Light: Emits a cool white light, suitable for various interior lighting applications in caravans.

Caravan Lighting: Ideal for upgrading or replacing existing lighting fixtures in caravans, enhancing visibility and energy efficiency.

Long Lifespan: LED technology offers a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Energy-Efficient: Consumes less power, making it an energy-efficient lighting solution for caravans.