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Camec Replacement Battery 12V 5AH Suit Breakaway System Caravan RV


Camec 041767 Replacement Battery 12V 5AH Suit Breakaway System Caravan RV

The Camec 041767 Replacement Battery is a vital component designed specifically for caravan and RV breakaway systems. Here are its features and descriptions:

Compatibility: The 12V 5AH replacement battery is tailored to suit breakaway systems commonly installed in caravans and RVs. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing breakaway systems, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance.

Essential Backup Power: The battery serves as a crucial backup power source for the breakaway system, which is a safety feature required by law for towing large trailers and caravans. In the event of a trailer detachment from the towing vehicle, the breakaway system activates, applying the trailer brakes to prevent a runaway situation. The replacement battery ensures that the breakaway system remains operational and ready to act when needed.

12V Capacity: With a voltage rating of 12 volts, the replacement battery provides sufficient power to activate the breakaway system and engage the trailer brakes effectively. It delivers reliable performance and ensures prompt response in emergency situations, helping to prevent accidents and property damage.

5AH Capacity: The 5AH (ampere-hour) capacity of the battery denotes its ability to supply a constant current of 5 amps for one hour. This capacity ensures that the battery can sustain the operation of the breakaway system for an extended period, offering peace of mind to caravan and RV owners during long-distance travel.

Maintenance-Free Design: The replacement battery features a maintenance-free design, eliminating the need for regular checks and upkeep. It is sealed and rechargeable, requiring minimal attention from users while providing reliable performance over time.

Easy Installation: Installing the replacement battery is straightforward and can be done with basic tools and DIY skills. The battery typically features a plug-and-play design, allowing for hassle-free installation without the need for specialized equipment or expertise.

Compact Size: The compact dimensions of the replacement battery make it easy to install in tight spaces within the caravan or RV. Its small footprint ensures versatility in placement while maximizing available storage space.

High-Quality Construction: Constructed from durable materials, the replacement battery offers durability and resistance to vibration, shock, and harsh environmental conditions commonly encountered during travel. Its robust design ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in demanding outdoor environments.

Overall, the Camec 041767 Replacement Battery provides essential backup power for caravan and RV breakaway systems, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and peace of mind for owners during travel.