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Camec 19mm Nickel Catch Set


CAMEC 19mm Nickel Catch Set Caravan Motorhome Camping RV Trailer 008091


The "Camec 19mm Nickel Catch Set" is a specific catch set designed for use in various applications, likely manufactured by Camec. Here's a breakdown of the key features based on the provided description:

Brand: The product is manufactured by Camec, a company known for producing caravan, RV, and camping accessories, including hardware components like catches.
Size: The catch set is described as having a "19mm" size, indicating a specific dimension. This likely refers to the diameter or measurement relevant to the catch's design.
Material: The mention of "Nickel" indicates the material composition of the catch set. Nickel is commonly used for its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal in hardware components.
Type: The term "Catch Set" suggests that it includes components designed to secure or fasten items together. Catches are commonly used in cabinets, doors, or other fixtures to keep them closed.

In summary, the "Camec 19mm Nickel Catch Set" is a hardware accessory designed for securing items, possibly in caravan or RV applications. The 19mm size and nickel material suggest specific dimensions and a corrosion-resistant finish. Users interested in this product should ensure compatibility with their intended application, such as cabinets, doors, or other fixtures, and refer to the product documentation provided by Camec for detailed information on installation and usage.