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Camec Chrome Hand Pump Brass High Quality Jayco Trojan Camper


Camec Caravan Chrome Hand Pump 043156 Brass High Quality Jayco


Camec Caravan Chrome Hand Pump : A high-quality hand pump designed for Jayco, Trojan, and Camper vehicles.

Durable Brass Construction: Made with durable brass, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Ideal for Caravan or Motorhome: Perfect addition to your caravan or motorhome, providing a reliable water supply.

No Electricity or Batteries Required: Operates without the need for electricity or batteries, offering convenience and independence.

Non-Modified, Non-Bundled, Non-Domestic Design: This hand pump is non-modified, non-bundled, and suitable for non-domestic use.

Versatile for Various Outdoor Settings: Whether camping in the bush or traveling along the coast, this hand pump is versatile and suitable for different outdoor settings.

Must-Have for Caravan or Motorhome Owners: A must-have accessory for any caravan or motorhome owner seeking a reliable water supply solution.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience: Elevate your outdoor experience with the convenience and reliability of the Camec Caravan Chrome Hand Pump 043156.

Trusted Brand: Manufactured by Camec, a trusted brand in the industry known for high-quality caravan and motorhome accessories.