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Camec Wind Out Window Control Box Winder


Camec Caravan Wind Out Window Control Box Winder Pair Rh & Lh Australite Large Black

Wind Out Window Winder Boxes - Large Straight 1 x RH. You are looking at the genuine Camec Wind Out Window (WOW) winder boxes.(Australite)

1 X 010189 LH WINDER BOX
1 X 010190 RH WINDER BOX

  • These can be used to replace either the grey, or the black units.
  • They are 295mm long x 30mm x 30mm. Known as Long Winder Boxes.
  • They DO NOT come with a winder handle as usually the winder handle can be removed from the faulty
  • unit already in use and transferred to the new wow box. If you would like a new winder handle, please
  • see our other items.

Please note - We have supplied and installed more than 1000 of these to caravans and they fit like for like usually perfect every time.