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Camec Elbow Shower Hose 1.5m - Hose Only - 005870 Caravan Motorhome RV




Camec Elbow Shower Hose Upgrade: Enhance your caravan or motorhome shower experience with the Camec Elbow Shower Hose, a valuable addition to your plumbing system.

1.5m Hose Length: The 1.5-meter length provides ample flexibility, allowing you to comfortably use your shower in various spaces within your caravan or motorhome.

Flexible and Durable: Designed for flexibility and durability, this hose ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for all your showering needs during your travels.

Made by Trusted Brand Camec: Produced by Camec, a trusted and reputable brand known for manufacturing quality caravan and motorhome accessories.

Designed to Last: Crafted to withstand tough conditions, the Camec Elbow Shower Hose is built to last, ensuring longevity and performance in diverse environments.

Listing for Hose Only: Please note that this listing includes the hose only and does not include additional fittings or accessories. It provides a standalone solution for your shower upgrade.
High-Quality Plumbing Solution: Don't settle for a subpar shower experience; invest in the Camec Elbow Shower Hose for a high-quality and reliable plumbing solution.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience: Elevate your caravan or motorhome showering experience with this quality hose, providing convenience and comfort during your travels.

Essential Caravan/Motorhome Accessory: Considered an essential accessory for your caravan or motorhome, the Camec Elbow Shower Hose contributes to a well-equipped and functional living space on the road.