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Camec Keyless Entry 3 Point Door Lock Handle - Right Hand - 044436 - Caravan

$349.00 $299.00


Camec has been at the forefront of the RV industry for over 45 years in Australia and New Zealand. With over 500,000 doors and windows already supplied to the RV industry, Camec has an undeniable track record in building innovative and high quality RV products that help create everyday comfort. The patented Camec 3-point door locking system is renowned throughout the industry as being the most reliable and secure RV locking system on the market in fact it is so good that many have tried to copy it!In line with this tradition and industry innovation, Camec is excited to announce the release of our Keyless Entry system. Proudly designed and assembled in Australia, it is the only Keyless Entry system in the world that features our unique fob system, it is retrofittable to existing Camec doors AND has reliable triple-redundancy operation.

How It Works
Carrying around your RV key is now a thing of the past thanks to our custom Keyless Entry system. Find comfort in knowing that all you need to do is carry a fob to electronically unlock or lock your RVs door! Whether travelling to the beach, hiking or just relaxing at the campground, you can rest easy knowing that your RV is secured. If you dont have pockets, then the optional waterproof wristband is an ideal solution not only for adults but also for children, ensuring that they dont lose the key and have easy and safe access to the RV whenever needed.

The Camec Keyless Entry system is ultra secure to guarantee peace of mind. Fobs are individually encoded to each lock and communications between the fobs utilise 128bit encryption. To this end, the keyless entry system is supplied with 3 waterproof fobs two general use fobs and a special red master fob. New fobs or wristbands can only be programmed using the master fob and we advise that the master fob be stored in a safe place (for example: hidden in the car).

Triple Redundancy
As the Camec Keyless Entry requires power to operate, we have designed a custom triple redundancy system to ensure seamless operation of this state of the art locking system.

1. Where the RV has 12V constant power, the Keyless Entry system remains in constant standby mode ready to be activated with the swipe of a fob or wristband. The system draws minimal current so will remain active for up to a year even if the RV is only fitted with a single battery.

2. If the RV does not have a constant 12V power supply, or if the 12V supply becomes depleted, the Keyless Entry system will automatically switch to backup battery mode. To ensure practicable use, the system will operate on battery mode for up to 1 year on a single set of Alkaline batteries even if it is used 4 times a day! In this mode, the system must be activated with the integrated switch/status LED before a fob is swiped. On top of this, the system features a visual status display via the outside switch/LED to indicate whether the system is running on 12V RV power or battery power and it will even indicate when the inbuilt batteries are running low giving you enough time to replace the batteries to ensure consistent operation of the lock.

3. If both power sources are depleted, or if a fob is lost, the lock can still be opened with a backup key, which is supplied with the system.