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Camec Tank Barb Outlet Drilled Water Caravan 006079


Camec Tank Barb Outlet Drilled Water Caravan 006079

The Camec Tank Barb Outlet, with a drilled design, is a water-related accessory designed for use in caravans. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Camec Brand: Camec is a well-known brand in the caravan and RV industry, recognized for producing a range of caravan accessories.
Tank Barb Outlet: This suggests that the accessory is an outlet designed for attachment to a water tank in a caravan. The term "Barb" indicates a type of fitting that typically involves a tapered end for secure hose attachment.
Drilled Design: The term "drilled" implies that the outlet comes with pre-drilled holes, facilitating easy installation and connection to the caravan's water system.
Water Caravan Application: The accessory is specifically designed for use in caravans, emphasizing its compatibility with the water systems commonly found in caravan setups.
Product Number 006079: The product is uniquely identified by the number 006079, serving as a reference for identification and ordering purposes.
Water Outlet Component: The drilled tank barb outlet likely serves as a connection point for hoses or pipes, allowing the controlled flow of water from the caravan's water tank to its plumbing system.
Versatile Plumbing Accessory: Tank barb outlets are versatile components used in various plumbing applications, particularly in the context of caravans, where space and weight considerations are crucial.
Secure Hose Attachment: The barb design ensures a secure and leak-resistant attachment with hoses or pipes, preventing water wastage and ensuring a reliable water supply.
Easy Installation: The pre-drilled design and the nature of barb fittings suggest that the installation process is likely straightforward, requiring minimal tools and expertise.
Durable Material: The material composition of the tank barb outlet, not specified in the description, is essential for assessing its durability and compatibility with caravan water systems.

Before purchasing, it's essential to ensure that the Camec Tank Barb Outlet with the drilled design (Caravan 006079) is compatible with your caravan's water system. Confirm that the size, threading, and design align with your plumbing requirements, and follow any manufacturer guidelines for installation and usage.