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Caravan Access Door Lock Camec With Keys 16mm Sliding Tongue Retro Style



The Caravan Access Door Lock from Camec, part number 008231, is a high-quality locking mechanism designed to secure access doors in caravans, motorhomes, and RVs. Here are its descriptions and key features:

Retro Style Design: The door lock features a retro-style design that adds a classic and timeless aesthetic to the caravan or motorhome. Its sleek and elegant appearance enhances the overall look of the vehicle's exterior, complementing various design themes and styles.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, such as robust metal alloys or durable plastics, the access door lock is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and exposure to the elements. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance, providing security and peace of mind.

Secure Locking Mechanism: The lock is equipped with a secure locking mechanism that effectively prevents unauthorized access to the caravan's interior. It features a sliding tongue design with a 16mm tongue width, ensuring a tight and secure fit when engaged.

Complete with Keys: The access door lock comes complete with keys, allowing caravan owners to securely lock and unlock the door as needed. The keys are specifically designed to operate the lock mechanism, providing reliable and convenient access control.

Universal Compatibility: The lock is designed for universal compatibility, making it suitable for use with a wide range of caravan access doors. It can be installed on both new and existing doors, offering versatility and flexibility in application.

Easy Installation: The access door lock is designed for easy installation, with a simple and straightforward mounting process. It can be quickly and securely installed using basic hand tools, requiring minimal time and effort for setup.

Manufacturer Part Number: Identified by the part number 008231, ensuring compatibility and quality assurance for Camec's product line.