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Caravan Brass Gas Bayonet Male Fitting For Floor Socket 1/4"



The Caravan Brass Gas Bayonet Male Fitting for Floor Socket (1/4") is a specialized accessory designed for the safe and convenient connection of gas appliances within a caravan. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Brass Construction: The gas bayonet male fitting is crafted from brass, a material known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand the rigors of gas applications.
Gas Bayonet Fitting: The male fitting is a component of the bayonet connection system commonly used in gas installations. Bayonet fittings are known for their quick-connect design, allowing easy and secure attachment of gas appliances.
For Floor Socket: This fitting is specifically designed to be used with a floor socket. The floor socket is a receptacle installed in the caravan's floor to provide a stable and secure connection point for gas appliances.
1/4" Size: The fitting has a 1/4" size specification, indicating the diameter of the connection point. This information is crucial for ensuring compatibility with other gas components and appliances.
Caravan Application: The product is tailored for use in caravans, where space efficiency and safety are paramount considerations. The bayonet fitting facilitates the quick and secure connection of gas appliances in the caravan environment.
Quick and Secure Connection: The bayonet connection system allows for a swift and secure attachment of gas appliances without the need for tools, promoting ease of use and convenience.
Safety Considerations: Brass construction and bayonet fittings are chosen for their safety features, providing a reliable and leak-resistant connection when properly installed.

Before purchasing, it's important to confirm the compatibility of the brass gas bayonet male fitting with the floor socket in your caravan. Following the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and usage is crucial to ensure a safe and reliable gas connection within the caravan.