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Caravan Camper LED G4 Side Pin 6 LED Replacement Twin Pack Narva Camec


Caravan Camper Led G4 Side Pin 6 Led Replacement Twin Pack 040173 Narva Camec


Caravan Camper LED G4 Side Pin: This indicates that the product is an LED designed for use in caravans and campers. It specifies the G4 Side Pin configuration, which is a common type for certain light fixtures.

6 LED Replacement: The LED bulb has six individual LEDs, which can provide bright and efficient lighting.

Twin Pack: The product is sold in a twin pack, meaning it includes two units. This is convenient for users looking to replace multiple bulbs or have spares.

Narva Camec: The product is associated with both Narva and Camec, suggesting it may be a collaborative effort or that it is compatible with products from both brands. Narva is known for automotive lighting, and Camec is a company specializing in caravan and camping accessories.