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Caravan Gas Bayonet Floor Socket Chrome 90 Deg 1/2"



The Caravan Gas Bayonet Floor Socket in Chrome, featuring a 90-degree angle and 1/2" size, is a specialized component designed for the gas systems in caravans. Here's a detailed description:

Gas Bayonet Floor Socket: This product is a floor socket designed specifically for connecting and disconnecting gas appliances in caravans easily. The bayonet mechanism allows for a quick and secure attachment of gas-powered devices.
Chrome Finish: The floor socket is coated with chrome, providing both aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance. The chrome finish not only enhances the overall look but also ensures durability and protection against environmental elements.
90-Degree Angle: The 90-degree angle design of the socket allows for a more convenient and flexible connection, especially in situations where space may be limited or where a specific orientation is required.
Size: The 1/2" size specification indicates the diameter of the connection point. This sizing is crucial for compatibility with the corresponding gas hoses or appliances, ensuring a proper fit and secure connection.
Caravan Application: Tailored for caravans, this gas bayonet floor socket is designed to meet the specific needs and standards of gas systems in mobile homes. It provides a safe and efficient way to connect gas-powered equipment within the caravan.
Material: Constructed from robust materials, the floor socket is engineered to withstand the demands of travel and outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and safety.
Installation: The floor socket is likely designed for straightforward installation into the caravan's gas system, offering a user-friendly solution for connecting and disconnecting gas appliances.
Safety: As a critical component of the gas system, this bayonet floor socket is designed with safety in mind, providing a reliable and secure connection to prevent gas leaks and ensure the well-being of occupants.
Versatility: The 90-degree angle and 1/2" size make this floor socket versatile, suitable for various configurations and setups within the caravan's gas infrastructure.
Compliance: It is essential to ensure that the product complies with relevant safety standards and regulations to guarantee its suitability for use in caravans.

When considering the Caravan Gas Bayonet Floor Socket in Chrome, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and usage to maintain safety and efficiency within the caravan's gas system.