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Caravan Sink Plug 32mm Red Rubber with Chain Hook CAMEC


Caravan Sink Plug 32mm Red Rubber with Chain Hook CAMEC

The Caravan Sink Plug, measuring 32mm and made of red rubber with a chain hook, is a practical and essential accessory for your caravan's kitchen or bathroom sink. Here's a detailed description:

Durable Red Rubber Construction: Crafted from high-quality red rubber, this sink plug is designed to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Optimal Size: With a diameter of 32mm, this plug is suitable for standard caravan sink drains, providing a snug and secure fit to effectively seal the sink and prevent water from leaking.

Convenient Chain Hook: Equipped with a chain hook, this sink plug offers added convenience by allowing you to easily attach it to the sink or nearby fixture, ensuring it remains within reach whenever needed.

Essential Kitchen/Bathroom Accessory: The sink plug is an essential accessory for any caravan kitchen or bathroom, providing a simple yet effective solution for blocking the sink drain and retaining water for washing dishes, personal hygiene, or other tasks.

Easy to Use: The user-friendly design of the sink plug makes it easy to install and remove as needed. Simply insert the plug into the sink drain to seal it and pull it out when it's time to drain the sink.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various caravan sink configurations, including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and basin drains, this plug offers versatile functionality to meet your specific needs.

Compact and Lightweight: Measuring just 32mm in diameter and featuring a lightweight construction, this sink plug is compact and easy to store in your caravan, taking up minimal space when not in use.

Compatible with CAMEC Products: As a CAMEC product, this sink plug is likely designed to seamlessly integrate with other CAMEC caravan accessories, ensuring compatibility and consistency throughout your caravan setup.

Budget-Friendly Solution: The sink plug offers an affordable solution for maintaining your caravan's kitchen and bathroom functionality, providing excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Reliable Water Seal: When inserted into the sink drain, the sink plug forms a tight seal to prevent water from escaping, allowing you to fill the sink with water for various tasks without worrying about leaks or spills.