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Caravan Stone Guard Shield Protection & Mud Flaps 450-06500

$325.00 $299.00

Caravan Stone Shield with mesh 3PCE Black (2310mm x 500mm) 450-06500


The Caravan Stone Guard Shield Protection & Mud Flaps (Part Number: 450-06500) is an accessory designed to enhance the protection of your caravan during travel. This product serves a dual purpose by shielding the caravan from stones, debris, and road spray, and it comes with mud flaps for added defense. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Stone Guard Shield Protection: The stone guard shield is designed to act as a barrier, protecting the front of the caravan from damage caused by stones and debris thrown up by the tow vehicle or other vehicles on the road.
Mud Flaps: The inclusion of mud flaps provides additional protection by preventing mud, water, and other road spray from reaching the caravan. This helps keep the caravan clean and minimizes the risk of damage.
Part Number: 450-06500: The part number uniquely identifies this specific stone guard and mud flap kit. It is essential for ordering the correct product and ensuring compatibility with your caravan model.
Universal Fit (if applicable): Some stone guard shields are designed for universal fit, meaning they can be adjusted or customized to suit various caravan models. This information should be verified based on the product details.
Size (if specified): The dimensions of the stone guard shield, including height and width, are crucial details for determining if it fits your caravan appropriately.
Easy Installation: The product may come with installation instructions and necessary hardware, ensuring a straightforward installation process. This feature is beneficial for users who prefer to install accessories themselves.

Before purchasing, it's important to check the compatibility of the stone guard shield and mud flaps with your caravan model. Additionally, ensure that the product meets your specific requirements for protection and aesthetic preferences. Following the manufacturer's instructions for installation will help maximize the effectiveness of the stone guard and mud flap system.


Please note: This item cannot be shipped to a P.O Box due to its size.

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