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Caravan toolbox slide

$299.95 $249.95

Caravan toolbox slide

A "Caravan Toolbox Slide" typically refers to a sliding mechanism or system designed for the installation of a toolbox in a caravan or trailer. 

Functionality: The slide is designed to facilitate the smooth sliding in and out of a toolbox, providing easy access to tools and equipment stored inside.
Compatibility: Information about the types and sizes of toolboxes that can be accommodated on the slide.
Material: Description of the materials used in the construction of the slide, such as steel, aluminum, or other durable materials for strength and longevity.
Installation: Details on how to install or mount the toolbox slide in a caravan. This might include any hardware or mounting brackets required.
Load Capacity: Information on the maximum weight the slide can handle, ensuring that it can support the intended toolbox and its contents.
Locking Mechanism: If applicable, details about any locking mechanisms or features to secure the toolbox in place during transit.
Finish: Information about the finish or coating on the slide, which could be important for durability and resistance to corrosion.
Adjustability: Some toolbox slides may have adjustable features to accommodate different toolbox sizes or to fine-tune the extension/retraction distance.