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Caravan Window Flyscreen Suit - Opening Size 565mm X 914mm Camec Wind Out


Caravan Window Flyscreen Suit - Opening Size 565mm X 914mm Camec Wind Out (010281)

The Caravan Window Flyscreen Suit designed for an Opening Size of 565mm x 914mm is a purpose-built accessory crafted to complement Camec Wind Out windows, providing an effective barrier against insects while allowing fresh air circulation within your caravan. Here's a detailed description:

Tailored for Camec Wind Out Windows: This flyscreen suit is specifically designed to seamlessly fit and complement Camec Wind Out windows, ensuring a snug and effective insect barrier for your caravan.

Optimal Opening Size: With dimensions of 565mm x 914mm, this flyscreen is precisely sized to cover the designated window opening, offering complete protection while maintaining proper ventilation.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the flyscreen suit is built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and reliable performance throughout your travels.

Easy Installation: The design emphasizes user-friendly installation, allowing caravan owners to easily attach the flyscreen to their Camec Wind Out windows without the need for specialized tools. Clear instructions may be provided for a hassle-free setup.

Effective Insect Barrier: The fine mesh construction of the flyscreen effectively prevents insects, bugs, and other unwanted pests from entering the caravan, providing a comfortable and pest-free interior.

Unobstructed Airflow: While acting as a barrier against insects, the flyscreen suit is designed to allow unobstructed airflow. This feature ensures that fresh air can freely circulate into the caravan, enhancing ventilation on warm days.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various caravan models equipped with Camec Wind Out windows, this flyscreen suit offers versatility and compatibility with different caravan configurations.

Maintains Visibility: The fine mesh construction maintains visibility from inside the caravan, allowing occupants to enjoy the surrounding views while keeping insects at bay.

Practical for Outdoor Living: Whether parked at a campsite or in the midst of nature, the flyscreen suit enhances the overall outdoor living experience by providing a bug-free environment within the caravan.

Quality Camec Product: As part of the Camec product line, this flyscreen suit is likely manufactured to meet the brand's quality standards, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.