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CMS 10amp Double Pole Auto Switch Socket Outlet Jol10 500-04310 Caravan Camper




CMS 10amp Double Pole Auto Switch Socket Outlet:

  • "CMS" likely refers to the brand or manufacturer of the product.
  • "10amp" indicates the amperage rating of the socket outlet, suggesting that it is designed to handle a current of up to 10 amperes.
  • "Double Pole Auto Switch" implies that the socket outlet has a double-pole design with an automatic switch, which can be useful for controlling the power supply more effectively.

Jol10 500-04310:

  • "Jol10" might be a specific model or series identifier for this socket outlet.
  • "500-04310" appears to be a part number or product code associated with this particular CMS socket outlet.

Caravan Camper:

  • The mention of "Caravan Camper" indicates that this socket outlet is intended for use in caravans or campers. It is likely designed to provide electrical power for various devices and appliances within these recreational vehicles.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a CMS-branded 10amp Double Pole Auto Switch Socket Outlet, specifically identified as Jol10 with the part number 500-04310, and it is suitable for use in caravans and campers. If you have this product, be sure to follow any installation and usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer.