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CMS Electrical Wiring Lead 2500mm

$39.95 $32.30

CMS 2500mm Interconnecting Lead 20amp

The CMS Electrical Wiring Lead with a length of 2500mm (2.5 meters) is a crucial component for electrical installations and wiring projects. This lead is specifically designed to provide a reliable and secure connection between electrical components, ensuring efficient power distribution and connectivity. Here's a detailed description of the CMS Electrical Wiring Lead:

Optimal Length: With a generous length of 2500mm (2.5 meters), this wiring lead offers flexibility and versatility for various electrical applications. The ample length provides ample room to maneuver and connect components within a project.

High-Quality Construction: The CMS Electrical Wiring Lead is constructed with quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The robust build is designed to withstand the rigors of electrical environments, providing a reliable and safe electrical connection.

Secure Connectors: Equipped with secure connectors on both ends, this wiring lead facilitates a dependable link between electrical devices, components, or power sources. The connectors are designed for a snug fit, reducing the risk of loose connections and potential electrical issues.

Versatile Usage: Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, this wiring lead is versatile and suitable for various applications. It can be employed in the installation of lighting systems, appliances, machinery, or any electrical circuit requiring a secure connection.

Compliance with Standards: CMS is a reputable brand known for adhering to electrical safety standards. The Electrical Wiring Lead is likely designed and manufactured in accordance with industry regulations, ensuring compliance with safety and performance standards.

Easy Installation: The 2500mm length provides flexibility during the installation process, and the lead is designed for straightforward installation. It may come with user-friendly features, making it accessible for both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

Color-Coded for Identification: The wiring lead may be color-coded for easy identification of positive and negative terminals or for differentiating between various electrical functions. This feature streamlines the installation process and reduces the chances of errors.

Weather Resistance: Depending on its design and materials, the CMS Electrical Wiring Lead may be resistant to environmental factors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Reliable Power Transmission: The primary function of this wiring lead is to facilitate the reliable transmission of electrical power. Its design ensures minimal power loss, promoting efficient energy distribution.

Manufacturer's Warranty: CMS may offer a warranty for their Electrical Wiring Lead, providing assurance to customers regarding the quality and performance of the product.