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Coast Led Rear Position Lamp Red-white Bracket 22336WCRK-W


Coast Led Rear Position Lamp Red-White Bracket 22336WCRK-W

The Coast LED Rear Position Lamp with Red-White Bracket (Model: 22336WCRK-W) is a high-quality lighting solution designed to enhance the visibility and safety of your vehicle or trailer. This rear position lamp features durable construction and innovative LED technology, providing long-lasting performance and reliability in various weather conditions. The red-white bracket design ensures compliance with regulatory standards and enhances the visibility of your vehicle on the road. Whether used on trucks, trailers, RVs, or boats, the Coast LED Rear Position Lamp offers exceptional illumination and durability for increased safety and peace of mind.

Key Features:

LED Technology: Equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs for bright and reliable illumination.
Dual-Color Design: Features a red-white bracket design for enhanced visibility and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials to withstand vibrations, shocks, and harsh weather conditions.
Weatherproof: Designed to be weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance in rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
Easy Installation: Simple and straightforward installation process with mounting hardware included for convenience.
Versatile Application: Suitable for use on trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, and other vehicles where rear position lamps are required.
Longevity: LED technology offers long-lasting performance and reduces the need for frequent bulb replacements.
Enhanced Safety: Provides increased visibility to other drivers, enhancing overall safety on the road.
Regulatory Compliance: Meets regulatory standards for rear position lamps, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind.
Modern Design: Sleek and modern design adds a stylish touch to your vehicle or trailer while improving safety.