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Coast V2 Sunscreen W4025mm X H1800mm T/s 14' Cf Awning


COAST V2 SUNSCREEN W4025MM X H1800MM T/S 14' CF AWNING. 200-09042 


Coast V2 Sunscreen:

  • "Coast V2" likely refers to the brand or model of the sunscreen. This particular sunscreen is designed for use in outdoor settings, providing shade and protection from the sun.


  • "W4025mm X H1800mm" specifies the dimensions of the sunscreen. It is 4025 millimeters wide and 1800 millimeters high. These dimensions indicate the size of the sunscreen, making it suitable for a specific awning size.

T/s 14' CF Awning:

  • "T/s" stands for "to suit," indicating that this sunscreen is suitable for use with a specific type or size of awning. In this case, it is designed to fit a 14-foot Carefree (CF) awning.

14' CF Awning:

  • "14' CF Awning" specifies the type and size of the awning for which the sunscreen is designed. It is intended for use with a 14-foot Carefree awning, suggesting compatibility with awnings of that size from the Carefree brand.

In summary, this description indicates that the Coast V2 Sunscreen has dimensions of 4025mm x 1800mm and is tailored to fit a 14-foot Carefree awning. It is likely a product designed to provide sun protection, privacy, or additional comfort when the awning is in use. If you have this product, refer to any included instructions or guidelines for proper installation and use.