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Popular Fuse Assortment Narva


Popular Fuse Assortment

Sku: 52020

This Transparent Plastic Case With 18 Sections Contains 360 Popular Glass, Mini Blade, And Standard Ats Blade Fuses. A Base Label Identifies The Fuse With A Graphic Image, Part Number And Description.

The Popular Fuse Assortment by Narva is a must-have electrical accessory for automotive and general electrical applications. This assortment contains a variety of fuses commonly used in vehicles, ensuring that you will have the right fuse on hand when you need it most.

The assortment includes fuses of different amp ratings, allowing you to choose the appropriate fuse for your specific electrical needs. Each fuse is made with high-quality materials to ensure reliability, durability, and safe operation.

With this fuse assortment, you can easily replace blown fuses in your vehicle or other electrical systems. The compact and organized packaging of the assortment makes it convenient to store in your glove box, toolbox, or vehicle for easy access whenever you need to replace a fuse.

Narva is known for producing high-quality electrical components, and this fuse assortment is no exception. It is designed to meet the demands of automotive and other electrical applications, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your electrical systems are protected.

Whether you're an automotive enthusiast, a DIY enthusiast, or simply want to be prepared for any electrical mishaps, the Popular Fuse Assortment by Narva is the perfect solution. Trust in the reliability and quality of Narva's fuses to keep your electrical systems functioning smoothly.

Please note that the specific fuses included in the assortment may vary, but you can expect a range of commonly used automotive fuse types and amp ratings.

Ensure that you have the right fuses on hand with the Popular Fuse Assortment by Narva. With its high-quality fuses and convenient packaging, this assortment is a reliable and essential electrical accessory for any vehicle or electrical project.

Product Comprises Of:
1. 52305 X 20, 52310 X 20, 52315 X 20, 52320 X 20, 52707 X 20, 52710 X20 52715 X 20,
2. 52720 X 20, 52725 X 20, 52730 X 20, 528055 X 20, 52810 X 40 82815 X 40, 52820 X 20, 52825 X 20, 52830 X 20