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GripSport Tilting Towbar Adapter (for 1-2 bikes)


GripSport Tilting Towbar Adapter (for 1-2 bikes)

Swap your 1 or 2-bike “Van-Rack” quickly and easily onto any vehicle with a 2″ (50mm) square hitch towbar and the tilt the lot out the way for access into the rear door.

  • Allows 1 & 2-bike Van-Racks to swap from caravan to car.
  • Tilts bikes & rack to allow access into rear door (even side-hinged, Prado type rear doors)
  • Simple, bullet-proof “hinge and hold” mechanism (no need to hold the weight of bikes & rack while inserting lock/safety pin)
  • Fits 50mm (2″) square hitch towbar receivers only.
  • Suits 1 & 2-bike Van-Racks only. 
  • CLICK HERE to see how our Tow Bar Adapters work (it’s dead simple & quick).

They’re all steel, heavy duty, zinc plated and fully adjustable… and with one of these you’re not restricted to only starting your bike ride from wherever your camp happens to be set up. Now you can leave your van at your camp site, swap your bikes over onto your car and be off to start your ride wherever your fancy takes you.

Please note…  This is a “tilting” adapter for 1 & 2-bike Van Racks only. NON-tilting adapters for 1, 2, 3 & 4-bike Van-Racks are also available – CLICK HERE to see NON-tilting adapters.