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Cruise master Bearing Kit - Vt (12" Drum/hub)


Cruise Master Bearing Kit - Vt (12" Drum/Hub)

The Cruise Master Bearing Kit - VT (12" Drum/Hub) is a comprehensive kit designed to provide all the necessary components for maintaining or replacing bearings in 12-inch drum and hub assemblies on trailers or caravan axles. This kit ensures smooth and reliable operation of the wheel assembly, promoting safety and longevity during travel.


Complete Bearing Solution: The kit includes all essential components required for bearing maintenance or replacement, including inner and outer bearings, bearing races, seals, and cotter pins, providing a comprehensive solution for axle maintenance.
High-Quality Materials: Each component in the bearing kit is constructed from durable materials, ensuring long-term reliability and resistance to wear and tear in demanding road conditions.
Precision Engineering: The bearings and races are precision-engineered to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal fit and performance for smooth wheel rotation and reduced friction.
Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with 12-inch drum and hub assemblies, making it suitable for a wide range of trailers, caravans, and other towed vehicles equipped with this axle size.
Easy Installation: The bearing kit is designed for straightforward installation, allowing for hassle-free maintenance or replacement of bearings by DIY enthusiasts or professional mechanics.
Enhanced Safety: Properly maintained bearings contribute to safer towing experiences by ensuring stable and reliable wheel operation, reducing the risk of accidents or breakdowns caused by bearing failure.
Versatile Application: Suitable for both recreational and commercial trailers, caravans, boat trailers, and utility trailers, providing versatility and compatibility across various towing applications.
Cost-Effective Solution: By including all necessary components in one kit, the Cruise Master Bearing Kit offers a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing individual components separately, saving time and money for maintenance tasks.
Durable Packaging: The bearing kit is packaged in sturdy and protective packaging to prevent damage during transportation and storage, ensuring that all components arrive in pristine condition.

Bearing Part OD x ID x W
VC Part # VC Kit # Brake Drum Size
VT Inner Bearing 73.43 x 41.3 x 19.56 09-3188 10-VT 12"
Outer Bearing 59.13 x 35 x x 15.87 09-3184
Seal 76.2 x 47.63 x 9.53 11-3213
Dust Cap ID = 63mm 46A-3624
Split pin 5 x 50mm 60-P-5