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CruiseMaster HitchMaster DO35 DO45 Universal C Spanner Caravan


Cruisemaster Hitchmaster DO35 DO45 Universal C Spanner 50K133 Caravan RV


The CruiseMaster HitchMaster C Spanner is a specialized tool designed for adjusting and securing the DO35 and DO45 Universal Hitch systems on caravans. This C Spanner plays a crucial role in the maintenance and adjustment of these hitch systems, ensuring they are securely fastened for safe towing.

Key features of the CruiseMaster HitchMaster C Spanner include:

Universal Compatibility: The C Spanner is designed to be compatible with both the DO35 and DO45 Universal Hitch systems, offering versatility for caravan owners.

Adjustment Tool: This tool is specifically crafted for adjusting and securing components of the CruiseMaster Universal Hitches, allowing users to maintain and optimize their towing systems.

CruiseMaster Brand: As a product from CruiseMaster, a reputable brand in the caravan and towing industry, the C Spanner is manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

Secure Fastening: The primary function of the C Spanner is to provide a secure and reliable means of fastening and adjusting components within the Universal Hitch system.

Ease of Use: The tool is designed for ease of use, allowing caravan owners or maintenance professionals to make necessary adjustments to the hitch system with efficiency.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the C Spanner is built to withstand the rigors of towing and outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.