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Caravan Camper Rope Cleat 90mm - Viscount Millard York Caravan



The Caravan Camper Rope Cleat with a size of 90mm, suitable for Viscount, Millard, York Caravans, and others, identified with part number 001687, is an essential accessory for securing ropes and cords on caravans, campers, and similar recreational vehicles. Here are its descriptions and key features:

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials such as durable plastic or corrosion-resistant metal, ensuring longevity and reliability even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Versatile Design: The rope cleat features a versatile design suitable for various applications, including securing awnings, tarps, guy ropes, and other equipment on caravans, campers, trailers, and boats. It provides a reliable solution for anchoring and tensioning ropes in outdoor settings.

Secure Attachment: Designed with multiple mounting holes or slots, allowing for secure attachment to different surfaces such as caravan walls, awning rails, or other structural components. This ensures a stable and reliable anchor point for ropes and cords.

Easy Installation: Installation of the rope cleat is straightforward and requires basic tools such as screws or bolts. The cleat can be easily mounted onto the desired location using common hardware, providing a hassle-free setup process.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of caravan brands and models, including Viscount, Millard, York, and others. It can be used as a replacement part or added accessory to enhance the functionality of various caravan setups.

Size: The cleat has a size of 90mm, offering a balance between compactness and functionality, making it suitable for use in various locations on the caravan or camper.

Manufacturer Part Number: Identified by the part number 001687, ensuring compatibility and quality assurance for the rope cleat.