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Dometic 240v Element 250w For 3 Way RM8555 Caravan Fridge



The Dometic 240V Element 250W is a high-quality and reliable heating element designed specifically for the 3-way RM8555 caravan fridge by Dometic. This element ensures efficient and consistent heating to keep your fridge at the desired temperature.

Crafted with precision, the 250W heating element is designed to provide optimal performance and compatibility with the RM8555 caravan fridge. It is made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting functionality and reliable operation.

The 240V power supply enables easy connection to standard electrical outlets in caravans and motorhomes, providing the necessary power to keep your fridge running efficiently.

Installation of the Dometic 240V Element 250W is straightforward, thanks to its designed compatibility with the RM8555 fridge. It is recommended to seek professional assistance or refer to the user manual for proper installation and safety guidelines.

Ensure the functionality and performance of your RM8555 caravan fridge with the Dometic 240V Element 250W. It provides reliable heating to maintain the optimal temperature for your food and beverages during your travels.

Please note that this product is designed specifically for the Dometic 3-way RM8555 caravan fridge. Ensure compatibility with your fridge model before making a purchase.

Upgrade your caravan fridge with the Dometic 240V Element 250W. Enjoy the reliability and performance of this heating element, keeping your fridge running smoothly and your food fresh during your caravan adventures.


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