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Dometic 242601052 Slide Valve Seal Bottom Suit Dometic CTS-3110 CTS-4110 Toilet




Dometic 242601052 Slide Valve Seal: A genuine Dometic replacement part designed for the bottom slide valve seal of Dometic CTS-3110 or CTS-4110 toilets.

Perfect Fit and Optimal Performance: Ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance, providing a reliable solution for maintaining the hygiene and functionality of your toilet.

Made for Dometic Toilets: Specifically designed for Dometic toilets, ensuring compatibility and ease of replacement for the specified toilet models.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition: By using the Dometic 242601052 Slide Valve Seal, you contribute to keeping your caravan, campervan, or motorhome in top condition, ensuring that essential components operate effectively.

Genuine Dometic Product: This replacement part is a genuine Dometic product, providing assurance of quality and reliability as it comes directly from the manufacturer.

Easy Replacement Process: Designed for easy replacement, allowing users to replace the bottom slide valve seal without complicated procedures, making maintenance more straightforward.

Maintain Toilet Hygiene: The slide valve seal replacement is crucial for maintaining toilet hygiene, preventing leaks and ensuring a proper seal during use.

Optimal Performance Assurance: By using genuine Dometic replacement parts, such as the 242601052 Slide Valve Seal, users can have confidence in the optimal performance of their Dometic toilets.

Compatibility with Specific Toilet Models: Tailored for compatibility with Dometic CTS-3110 or CTS-4110 toilets, ensuring that the replacement part fits seamlessly and functions correctly within the specified toilet models.