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Dometic Cassette Inlet Seal Suit CTS-3110 CTS-4110 Toilets Caravan

$61.95 $56.95


Suitable for Dometic CTS3110 & CTS4110 Toilets.
Main inlet seal for the Dometic cassettes.
Upgrade your caravan's sanitation system with the Dometic Cassette Inlet Seal, specially designed for use with CTS-3110 and CTS-4110 toilets. This essential component ensures a reliable and efficient seal, contributing to a more hygienic and trouble-free mobile restroom experience.
Key Features:

Perfect Compatibility: Tailored to fit Dometic CTS-3110 and CTS-4110 toilets, the Cassette Inlet Seal is a direct replacement that guarantees seamless compatibility and optimal performance.

Superior Seal Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, the inlet seal provides a tight and effective seal, preventing leaks and odors. Maintain a clean and sanitary environment in your caravan bathroom.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the challenges of mobile living, the Cassette Inlet Seal boasts durable construction, ensuring longevity and reliability even in demanding travel conditions.

Easy Installation: The user-friendly design of the inlet seal allows for easy installation. Follow the straightforward instructions, and enjoy a hassle-free upgrade to your caravan's toilet system.

Hygienic Solution: A properly functioning inlet seal is crucial for maintaining hygiene in your caravan toilet. Eliminate the risk of leaks and unpleasant odors, ensuring a sanitary environment for you and your fellow travelers.

Caravan-Specific Design: Understanding the unique requirements of caravan toilets, Dometic has engineered this inlet seal to cater to the specific needs of CTS-3110 and CTS-4110 models, providing an exact and effective replacement.

Peace of Mind: Travel with confidence, knowing that the Dometic Cassette Inlet Seal contributes to the reliability and efficiency of your caravan toilet. Focus on enjoying your journey without concerns about toilet functionality.
Upgrade your caravan's sanitation system with the Dometic Cassette Inlet Seal for CTS-3110 and CTS-4110 toilets. Trust in the quality, compatibility, and durability of this essential component to ensure a trouble-free and hygienic toilet experience during your travels.