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Dometic SMF102 Flat Towing Mirror, Pair



 The Dometic SMF102 towing mirror is the perfect addition to all your caravanning or camping trips. Drive to your destination safely and securely with extended vision of your caravan or camper trailer. Suitable for most vehicles and easy to attach, the large flat glass lens provides greater visibility of your surroundings.


Tow without worry with the Dometic SMF102 towing mirror. The towing mirror acts as an extension of your existing side mirror when mounted, broadening the range of rear vision and providing a clearer view of your surroundings. The aerodynamic design and adjustable clamps provide stability when driving at high speeds even without an additional support arm, allowing for quicker set up so that you can get on the road faster. The large glass surface, and versatility of the mirror, allows for flexibility in the mirror position and angle. Simply swivel and rotate the mirror to your preference so that you can get optimal vision when towing your caravan or camper trailer.




Improves field of vision when towing caravans and camper trailers

Versatile mirror angles can be achieved by swiveling or rotating the mirror head

Set up is quick and easy with the clips and straps

Universal clips allow suitability for most tow vehicles

Includes a pair (2) of towing mirrors + storage bag



Dimensions: 130 x 123 x 435 mm (D x H x W)

Weight: 0.95 kg

Colour: black