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Draw Slide 700mm Zinc Plated Steel


Draw Slide 700mm Zinc Plated Steel

These Accuride drawer runners use a durable ball bearing mechanism which produces a smooth and quiet opening and closing action. An additional feature is the self-cleaning ball retainer which removes foreign particles from between the ball bearings and protects the runner raceways. The lubricant provided should last for the duration of the life of the runner. If the runners need cleaning a quality grease for high pressure use can be applied.


Key Features and Benefits

• Smooth and quiet ball bearing action
• Up to 170 kg load capacity
• Made from durable plated steel
• 100%+ full extension capability
• Self-cleaning ball retainer
• Hold In feature for keeping draw securely closed


Attribute Value
Material Steel
Length Closed 700mm
Travel Length 723.5mm
Extension 100%
Overall Height 53.1mm
Maximum Load 130kg