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Epower 2600W-X Inverter + DC Cable Pack


ePOWER 2600W-X Inverter + DC Cable Pack


State of the art, easy to use inverter will offer you reliable service for providing AC power for your home, boat, 4WD, truck or Caravan.

The ePOWER 2600W Inverter incorporates a 16A AC Transfer Switch which allows for seamless AC power transfer between Mains/Generator and Inverter. This helps to keep your appliances running with almost no break time on AC transfer and allows for a much simpler installation on-board. This inverter is built to operate basic equipment such as power tools, computers, microwave ovens, televisions and other appliances that use up to 2000W of power for operation.

- Australian assembled
- Australian made cable
- Oxygen free plain orange double insulated copper wire
- Flexible Class 6 Bunched OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125
- Single core orange Nitrile (NBR) Modified PVC to comply with AS3808 V90HT
- Do not disconnect under load
- Suitable for large inverters, winches, jumper cables, starter cable, battery leads, switchboards, busbars, transformers or other equipment requiring fixed installation wiring.

ePOWER Inverter features:

- Seamless 16A AC Internal Transfer Switch
- AC RCD/Safety Switch with test button
- Removable LED Remote Control Display Panel
- Regulated Pure Sine Wave Output
- Silent Operation
- Compact Size for Easy Installation
- USB Port for charging USB devices
- PS6 Mode
- AC Transfer Cable

*Fuse holder may vary from images displayed