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Flat Twin & Earth 2C+E 2.5mm PVC/PVC White 450/750v



2 Core + Earth Power Cable

Sold Per Metre

The FLAT TWIN & EARTH 2C+E 2.5MM PVC/PVC WHITE 450/750V (CBL2.5TE) is a type of electrical cable commonly used in various residential and commercial wiring applications. Here are its features and a description:


Construction: Consists of two insulated conductors (2C) and an earth conductor (E), hence the designation 2C+E. The conductors are made of copper, which is known for its excellent conductivity.

Size: The conductors are 2.5mm² in cross-sectional area, which determines their current-carrying capacity and suitability for specific electrical loads.

Insulation: The conductors are insulated with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), providing electrical insulation and protection against moisture and mechanical damage.

Sheath: The entire cable assembly is covered with an outer PVC sheath, offering additional protection and durability.

Voltage Rating: Rated for 450/750 volts, indicating its suitability for both low voltage (450V) and medium voltage (750V) electrical systems.


The FLAT TWIN & EARTH 2C+E 2.5MM PVC/PVC WHITE 450/750V (CBL2.5TE) is a versatile electrical cable used primarily for fixed wiring installations in buildings. It features two insulated copper conductors and an earth conductor, arranged in a flat configuration for easy installation in wall cavities, under floors, or in conduit.

The PVC insulation on the conductors provides electrical safety by preventing direct contact with live wires, while the PVC sheath offers mechanical protection and resistance to abrasion. This cable is commonly used in domestic and commercial applications to supply power to lighting circuits, socket outlets, and other electrical devices.

The 2.5mm² conductor size ensures sufficient current-carrying capacity for typical household and light commercial loads, adhering to safety standards and regulations. The white color of the PVC sheath is standard for indicating general-purpose electrical wiring.

Overall, the FLAT TWIN & EARTH 2C+E 2.5MM PVC/PVC WHITE 450/750V (CBL2.5TE) is a reliable choice for electrical contractors and installers seeking a durable and safe cable solution for various wiring projects in residential and commercial buildings.