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Flojet 12V Fresh Water Auto Pump & Filter 12.5lpm 35psi


Flojet 12V Fresh Water Auto Pump & Filter 12.5lpm 35psi

Flojet 12v Fresh Water Auto Pump & Filter: Ideal solution for your caravan or motorhome's water system, providing reliability and consistency.

Flow Rate of 12.5 Litres Per Minute: 
Ensures a generous flow of 12.5 litres per minute, meeting your water supply needs efficiently.

Pressure of 35 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi): 
Maintains a pressure of 35 psi, delivering a steady and reliable water flow for various applications.

Integrated Filter for Clean Water: 
Features an integrated filter to ensure clean and fresh water, enhancing the quality of your water supply during travels.

Made by FLOJET: 
Manufactured by FLOJET, a reputable brand known for producing high-quality water pumps and accessories.

1-Year Warranty: 
Comes with a 1-year warranty, providing assurance of the pump's durability and performance.

Featured as a Caravan Water Pump: 
Recognized as a Caravan Water Pump, highlighting its suitability and popularity in the caravan and motorhome industry.

High-Quality, Durable, and Efficient: 
A top choice for those seeking a high-quality,
durable, and efficient water pump for their caravan or motorhome.

Perfect Choice for Vehicle Water Systems: 
If you want a reliable and efficient water pump for your vehicle, the Flojet 12v Fresh Water Auto Pump & Filter is the perfect choice.