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Fullstop™ Nemesis V3 Wheel Lock Off Road Clamp Caravan 450-06064

$320.00 $275.00

FullStop™ Nemesis V3 FPC300 Wheel Lock Off Road Clamp Caravan Trailer 450-06064

The Fullstop™ Nemesis V3 Wheel Lock is an off-road clamp designed for caravans, identified with the product number 450-06064. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Fullstop Brand: Fullstop is the brand known for manufacturing security and safety accessories for trailers, caravans, and other recreational vehicles.
Nemesis V3 Wheel Lock: The product is a wheel lock designed as part of the Nemesis V3 series. Wheel locks are security devices that prevent the movement of caravan wheels, enhancing overall security.
Off-Road Clamp: The wheel lock is specifically designed for off-road use, indicating that it provides security even in challenging terrain commonly encountered during off-road adventures.
Caravan Application: The wheel lock is tailored for caravans, serving as an effective anti-theft device to protect the caravan when stationary.
Product Number 450-06064: The unique product number is assigned to facilitate identification and ordering, ensuring the correct model is selected.
Security Clamp: Wheel clamps are known for their effectiveness in preventing unauthorized movement of the caravan by securely clamping around the wheel, making it difficult for thieves to tow or roll the caravan away.
Enhanced Security Features: The Nemesis V3 may include advanced security features such as high-strength materials, tamper-resistant mechanisms, and resistance against cutting or drilling.
Durable Construction: The wheel lock is likely constructed from durable materials, ensuring its longevity and resistance to outdoor elements.
Easy Installation: While providing robust security, wheel locks are typically designed for easy installation and removal, allowing caravan owners to secure their vehicles without significant effort.
Anti-Theft Device: The primary purpose of the Nemesis V3 Wheel Lock is to act as an anti-theft device, deterring potential thieves and providing peace of mind for caravan owners.

Before purchasing, it's essential to ensure that the Fullstop™ Nemesis V3 Wheel Lock (Caravan 450-06064) is compatible with the wheel size of your caravan. Verify its features, installation process, and security measures to determine if it meets your caravan security needs for both on and off-road scenarios.