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Genuine Dometic RM2553 or RM2453 3 way fridge 240v 195w Element

"Genuine Dometic 240v 195w Caravan Fridge Element Rm2553" refers to a specific component for a Dometic caravan fridge. Let's break down the key components of the description:

Genuine Dometic: Indicates that the product is an authentic part manufactured by Dometic, a well-known brand in the caravan and RV industry. Genuine parts are often recommended for optimal compatibility and performance.

240v: Specifies the voltage rating of the fridge element. In this case, it is designed to operate on a 240-volt electrical system.

195w: Indicates the power rating of the fridge element, measured in watts. In this case, the element has a power consumption of 195 watts.

Caravan Fridge Element:  it's an element specifically designed for use in caravan fridges. The element is a crucial part of the refrigerator's system, responsible for heating and cooling processes.

Rm2553: refers to the specific model or series of Dometic caravan fridge for which this element is intended. The Rm2553 could be a model number or identifier.

 Refers to an authentic Dometic fridge element designed for use in caravans. It operates on a 240-volt electrical system, has a power rating of 195 watts, and is specifically compatible with the Dometic caravan fridge model Rm2553.

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