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GripSport Fat Tyre wheel hoop GSR115


GripSport Fat Tyre wheel hoop

Fat Bikes are designed for people who get their jollies by riding around in mud, snow, or sand and they manage that really well because of the “fat” tyres fitted to them. The only problem is, those great fat tyres can also make transporting a Fat Bike much more difficult. Until now.

Key Features

  • Designed to slip straight on to current model racks (GS2, GS4 & Van-Rack)
  • Also fits older models (Hi-Ride, Tilty, Up & Out and D/H).
  • Allows you to carry bikes with ridiculously wide tyres (right up to 6” wide).
  • Will still fit (and hold securely) all tyre sizes right down to the skinniest of road tyres.