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GripSport NON-Tilting tow bar adapter - 1&2 Bikes GSR101


GripSport NON-Tilting tow bar adapter

Choose the adapter you need to let you swap your 1, 2, 3 or 4-bike “Van-Rack” quickly and easily onto any vehicle with a 2″ (50mm) square hitch towbar.

You may be required to install the GS LED Rack Light Assembly to maintain roadworthy requirements depending on your vehicle if the rack may impede visibility of your lights and number plate.

A duplicate number plate may also be required. (Owner to arrange via their road authority at owners expense)

Allows 1, 2, 3 & 4-bike Van-Racks (both “tilting” and “non-tilting” models) to swap from caravan to car.
They’re all steel, heavy duty, zinc plated and fully adjustable… and with one of these you’re not restricted to only starting your bike ride from wherever your camp happens to be set up. Now you can leave your van at your camp site, swap your bikes over onto your car and be off to start your ride wherever your fancy takes you.

Please note 1/… Choose your adapter – there’s one for 1 & 2-bike Van Racks and another for 3 & 4-bike Van-Racks.

Please note 2/… These are NON-Tilting Adapters. While the bike rack itself swaps quickly and easily to your car, Van-Racks can not tilt when fitted to a car’s towbar using these adapters.

Please note 3/… A tilting adapter IS available for 1 & 2-bike Van-Racks. 

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