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Haigh Explore CVL2 Levelling Ramp Pair

$121.95 $105.95

Haigh Explore CVL2 Levelling Ramp Pair

Perfect Caravan Setup: The Haigh Explore CVL2 Levelling Ramp Pair is an essential addition to your caravan setup, ensuring a hassle-free and stable experience during your travels.

Quality and Durability by Haigh: Backed by the reputable brand Haigh, these levelling ramps boast unmatched quality and durability, ensuring they stand up to the demands of your caravan adventures for the long haul.

Specifically Designed for Caravans: Tailored for caravan use, these ramps are specifically designed to make levelling a breeze. Enjoy the convenience and ease of use that comes with a product crafted with your caravan's unique needs in mind.

Featured Refinement: "Caravan Levelling Ramp": The featured refinement of "Caravan Levelling Ramp" ensures that you are getting a product precisely designed for your caravan, eliminating the guesswork and providing a reliable solution for your levelling needs.

Don't Settle for Less: When it comes to your caravan setup, don't settle for less. Choose the Haigh Explore CVL2 Levelling Ramp Pair for a reliable, easy-to-use, and caravan-specific addition to your travels. Upgrade with confidence!

Super strong, they’re able to raise a wheel up to 100mm! They feature an extra wide tread to cater for tire widths of up to 250mm and are lightweight at just 1.8kg each.

Overall Length: 57cm
Maximum Height: 14cm
Width: 25cm