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Hayman Reese Adjustable Tow Ball Mount Kit 3500kg - 70207


Hayman reese adjustable tow ball mount kit 3500kg - 70207

Genuine hayman reese part number 70207

Maximises your vehicle's tow rating
Suits most popular offroad couplings
Adjustable tbm kit & head
50mm 3500kg-rated flat chrome towball

Hayman reese have been perfecting the art of towing accessories for over half a century, and nowhere is that more obvious than with the hayman reese adjustable tow ball mount kit 3500kg. Newly redesigned and tested rigorously in static and dynamic towing conditions, this heavy duty tow ball is flexible enough to respond to any towing situation while also being strong enough to maximise your vehicle's towing capacity.

The class 4 (hayman reese's heavy duty range) towball kit features an adjustable tbm head that can be repositioned and removed entirely if not needed, and is compatible with hayman reese drop shanks (offering up to 160mm drop over standard drop shanks). The kit itself has been purposely designed to suit the majority of the available off-road couplings available today (do35, mc hitch, treg/polyblock, alko off-road coupling and hitch ezy). If you're in need for a replacement towball or looking to fit one for the first time, look no further than the hayman reese adjustable tow ball mount kit 3500kg.

7/8" (22.2mm) shank hole
Standard drop shank
Adjustable head
50mm 3500kg flat chrome towball
All hardware (bolts, washers and nuts)


Item: hayman reese adjustable tow ball mount kit 3500kg
Product code: 70207
Load rating: 3500/350kg
Towball diameter: 50mm
Fitting time: 10 minutes
Class: class 4
Compliance: adr, as4117