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Hayman Reese Ergo Clips 2 Pack


Hayman Reese Ergo Clips 2 Pack 55022


Hayman Reese:

  • "Hayman Reese" is the brand or manufacturer of the product. Hayman Reese is known for producing towing and towing-related accessories.

Ergo Clips:

  • "Ergo Clips" likely refers to a type of clip or fastener designed by Hayman Reese. The term "Ergo" might suggest that these clips are designed with ergonomic features for ease of use.

2 Pack:

  • "2 Pack" indicates that the product is sold in a pack containing two individual Ergo Clips. This is useful for customers who need more than one clip or for replacing multiple clips.

In summary, this description suggests that the product is a pack of two Hayman Reese Ergo Clips. These clips could be used for various purposes, potentially related to towing applications or other uses where clips are needed. Always refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer for specific details on the application and usage of these Ergo Clips.