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Hume/alko Water Tank Filler Cap Screw On Black Locking Carava


Hume / Alko Water Tank Filler Cap

It seems like your description might be incomplete, but based on the provided text, it appears to describe a product related to water tank systems, potentially used in caravans. Here's a more detailed breakdown:

Product Description: Hume/Alko Water Tank Filler Cap Screw On Black Locking Carava

Brand/Model: The product is associated with the brands "Hume" and "Alko." This may imply a collaborative or compatible design between the two brands.

Type: The product is a Water Tank Filler Cap designed for use in caravan water tank systems.

Installation: The cap is designed to be screwed on, indicating a secure and threaded attachment method.

Color: The cap comes in a black color, providing a visual description of its appearance.

Locking Feature: The cap is equipped with a locking mechanism, suggesting an added security feature to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

Application: The product is specifically designed for use in caravans, where water tank systems are common.

This description is concise and highlights key features of the product. Depending on your platform or purpose, you might want to expand on its specifications, materials used, or any additional features that could be relevant to potential buyers.