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Jayco Caravan Hand Held Shower Kit Hose + Rose + Bracket C6323



The Jayco Caravan Hand Held Shower Kit (C6323) is a comprehensive shower accessory designed for caravans, providing a convenient solution for personal hygiene while on the road. This kit typically includes a hose, a handheld shower rose, and a bracket, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Key features of the Jayco Caravan Hand Held Shower Kit (C6323) include:

Hand Held Shower Rose: The kit comes with a handheld shower rose, allowing users to direct the water flow for a customized and comfortable shower experience.

Flexible Hose: A flexible hose is included in the kit, providing reach and maneuverability for the handheld shower, allowing users to shower comfortably within the confined space of a caravan bathroom.

Mounting Bracket: The kit is equipped with a mounting bracket, providing a secure and convenient way to store the handheld shower when not in use.

Jayco Brand: As a product from Jayco, a well-known brand in the caravan and RV industry, the Hand Held Shower Kit is designed with quality and functionality in mind.

Comprehensive Kit: The inclusion of the hose, handheld shower rose, and mounting bracket ensures that users have all the necessary components for a complete shower solution.