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Led Replacement Globe Mr16 0211183c


Led Replacement Globe Mr16  0211183c

Lighten up your van with the latest LED low wattage replacement bulbs. Used to replace the traditional MR16 halogen bulb.

Product Features:
3x super bright LED's and a luminous flux of 210 lumens
Low heat rating, which reduces lens distortion
More durable compared to halogen bulbs
Vibration-proof design
Long life energy efficient

3 Super bright LED's
Lighting colour: cool white
Luminous flux: 210 lumens
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Operating voltage: 12DC
Power consumption: 0.325A, 4.5W
Equivalent to a 45W MR16 halogen bulb
Weight: 30g
Diameter: 50mm
Length: 47.8mm (including pins)