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Narva Lens To Suit 86470

$15.50 $9.20

Narva Lens To Suit 86470

Rear Combination & High Level Brake Lights. Lens to suit 86470.

Lens Type: The term "Lens" indicates that it is an optical component designed to focus or manipulate light. Lenses can be part of various devices, including cameras, lights, or optical instruments.
Product Compatibility: The phrase "to Suit 86470" implies that this lens is specifically intended to be used with or to complement a product identified by the model or part number "86470."
Model Number: "86470" serves as a unique identifier for a specific product or item. Without additional context, it's not clear what type of product or device this model number refers to.
Application: The lens is likely designed for a particular application associated with the product identified by the model number. For example, it could be a replacement lens for a camera, a cover for a light fixture, or a component for an optical instrument.
Color, Size, or Material (Not Specified): The description doesn't provide details about the color, size, or material of the lens. These details are crucial for understanding its suitability and compatibility with the specified product.