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Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape 3 Inch (76mm) X 15 Foot (4.57m) RE3848 AU0028Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape 3 Inch (76mm) X 15 Foot (4.57m) RE3848 AU0028



No need to match colour when using this Super Clear RV Awning Repair Tape.
Excellent resistance to tearing in any direction, very aggressive adhesive.
U.V. stable adhesive and film.

The Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape is a durable and reliable solution specifically designed for repairing awnings on RVs and caravans. This repair tape provides a strong and long-lasting bond, ensuring that your awning remains intact and functional.

Crafted with quality in mind, the RV Awning Repair Tape is made from premium materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV rays. It offers excellent adhesion and flexibility, making it suitable for various awning fabrics.
Measuring 3 inches (76mm) in width and 15 feet (4.57m) in length, this repair tape provides ample coverage for your awning repair needs. Its generous size allows for easy application and customization to suit your specific repair requirements.

Installation of the Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape is simple and straightforward. Just peel off the backing and apply the tape to the damaged area of your awning. The strong adhesive ensures a secure and tight bond, providing a reliable repair solution.

Whether your awning has tears, punctures, or other types of damage, the RV Awning Repair Tape is designed to reinforce and restore its structural integrity. It helps prolong the lifespan of your awning, saving you the cost and hassle of a full replacement.

Please note that proper surface preparation is essential for ensuring optimal adhesion and longevity of the repair. Clean and dry the area thoroughly before applying the tape for best results.

Repair and reinforce your RV or caravan awning with the Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your awning is protected and functional, ready to provide shade and shelter during your outdoor adventures.

Ensure the long-lasting performance of your awning with the Lifesafe RV Awning Repair Tape. Its durability, ease of use, and strong adhesion make it an essential accessory for any RV or caravan owner.

Repairs rips and punctures in:
Pool Covers
Pool Liners
Hunting Apparel
Seat Covers


Did you know you can have your awning replaced under your insurance policy for many different reasons including:

Storm Damage
Impact Damage
Accidental Damage

    We repair and replace awnings almost every day of every week. We are also the major stockist of Carefree, Dometic, and ATRV awnings on the Mornington Peninsula. As we are a preferred repairer for most insurance companies, we can usually have your claim approved within 24 hrs from submission. And, as we know your time is precious, most awning replacements are conducted while you wait. No leaving the van for days or weeks like some repair centres. Same day! Same Morning! Same Afternoon.

    Now that's what we call service.

    Call our friendly team on 1300 068 700 to arrange your quote today.