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Light Oval Dual Lamp W / Jack 2016 VER.2


Light Oval Dual Lamp W / Jack  2016 VER.2

This 12V LED dual oval light is commonly used in Jayco Campers. It has a Power Jack built in for connecting 12V appliances with a 1/4 Inch (6.4mm) jack.
As well as the bright cool white light, there is also a blue Night Light mode - perfect for those middle of the night wake ups.

  • Two Light modes: Night Light (blue) and Full Brightness (cool white)
  • Rocker Switch to change between modes/off
  • Power Jack fits 1/4 Inch (6.4mm) jack


  • Model: 500-01266
  • Brand: Jayco
  • Original Model: 22773-1
  • Dimensions: 110mm (h) x 260mm (w) x 45mm (d)
  • Colour: White

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