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Mould Insert Black F14720800 - Per Meter



The Mould Insert Black F14720800 - Per Meter (C2627D) is a specialized component used in various applications where sealing, trimming, or decorative finishing is required. Here are its features and description:


Material: Typically made from durable materials such as rubber, PVC, or other polymers, offering flexibility and resilience.

Design: The mould insert is designed to fit into a groove or channel, providing a finished edge, sealing against moisture, or cushioning against impact.

Color: Black color provides a sleek, uniform appearance suitable for many interior and exterior applications.

Length: Sold per meter, allowing for customized lengths to suit specific project requirements.

Application: Used in automotive, marine, construction, and furniture industries for applications such as edge protection, sealing, insulation, and aesthetic enhancement.


The Mould Insert Black F14720800 - Per Meter (C2627D) is a versatile component used for sealing, trimming, or finishing applications across various industries. Made from durable materials like rubber or PVC, it offers flexibility and resilience to withstand environmental conditions and wear. The black color provides a visually appealing finish while also serving functional purposes such as sealing against dust, moisture, or noise.

This mould insert is designed to fit into grooves or channels, providing a secure fit and enhancing the overall aesthetic and functional performance of the application. Sold per meter, it allows for flexibility in installation, enabling precise customization to meet specific project requirements. Whether used in automotive, marine, construction, or furniture industries, the Mould Insert Black (C2627D) offers reliable performance in sealing, trimming, or enhancing the appearance of various surfaces or components.