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Narva 12v 18w Festoon Globe (Blister Pack Of 2)



The NARVA 12V 18W Festoon Globe (Blister Pack of 2) with SKU 47270BL is a specific type of automotive light bulb designed for various vehicle interior and exterior lighting applications. Here are its features and a description:


Voltage and Wattage: Operates at 12 volts and consumes 18 watts of power, making it suitable for standard automotive electrical systems.

Type: Festoon globe, characterized by its elongated shape with metal contacts at both ends.

Application: Typically used in vehicles for interior lighting such as dome lights, courtesy lights, trunk lights, and also for some exterior applications like license plate lights.

Packaging: Comes in a blister pack containing 2 bulbs, ensuring convenience for replacement and spares.

Durability: Constructed to withstand vibrations and shocks commonly encountered in automotive environments.


The NARVA 12V 18W Festoon Globe (Blister Pack of 2) with SKU 47270BL is designed for reliable performance in various automotive lighting applications. As a festoon type bulb, it is commonly used in interior settings such as overhead dome lights, courtesy lights, and trunk lights. It can also serve as an exterior light source for license plate illumination. The bulb operates efficiently at 12 volts and offers a power output of 18 watts, ensuring adequate brightness while remaining compatible with standard automotive electrical systems.

This product is packaged conveniently in a blister pack containing two bulbs, making it easy for vehicle owners to replace bulbs as needed. The NARVA 12V 18W Festoon Globe is engineered to withstand the rigors of automotive use, providing durability and reliability under normal operating conditions. It is a suitable choice for individuals looking to maintain or upgrade their vehicle's lighting system with a trusted brand known for automotive lighting solutions.