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Narva 54434 Fuse Block ATS 10 Way Plug In Type Circuit Breaker

$41.20 $39.50


  • Narva 54434 Fuse Block ATS:

    • A high-quality product designed for upgrading caravan or motorhome electrical systems.
  • Brand Assurance with Narva:

    • Backed by the Narva brand, ensuring durability and efficiency in providing power to your devices.
  • Perfect for Electrical System Upgrades:

    • Ideal for those looking to enhance their caravan or motorhome's electrical system with a reliable fuse block.
  • 10 Plug-In Type Circuit Breakers:

    • Features 10 plug-in type circuit breakers, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:

    • The plug-in type circuit breakers make both installation and maintenance a breeze, enhancing user-friendliness.
  • Featured Refinement - Fuse Block:

    • Specifically designed as a fuse block, catering to the specific needs of managing electrical circuits.
  • Designed for Sockets:

    • Tailored to be compatible with sockets, providing flexibility and adaptability to various electrical setups.
  • Manufacturer Part Number - 54434:

    • Easily identify and procure the correct fuse block with the provided manufacturer part number.
  • Reliable and User-Friendly:

    • A reliable and user-friendly fuse block solution for those seeking a hassle-free electrical system upgrade.
  • Ensure Dependable Power:

    • With the Narva 54434 Fuse Block ATS, ensure a dependable power supply for your devices during your travels.
  • Enhance Electrical System Efficiency:

    • Elevate the efficiency of your electrical system with this feature-rich and well-designed fuse block.
  • Trust in Narva Quality:

    • Trust in the quality assurance that comes with the Narva brand, a reputable name in automotive accessories.
  • Upgrade with Confidence:

    • Upgrade your caravan or motorhome electrical system with confidence, knowing you have chosen a reliable and efficient fuse block.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 54434

    • Easily identify and procure the correct fuse block for your needs with the provided manufacturer part number.
  • Simplify Your Electrical Setup:

    • Simplify your electrical setup with the Narva 54434 Fuse Block ATS, ensuring a smooth and efficient power management experience.