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Narva 57215BL Heavy-duty 175 Amp Connector Housing Grey

$34.00 $29.25

Narva 57215BL Heavy-Duty 175 Amp Connector Housing Grey

Ideal for environments where a durable, rugged connector, capable of high current transfer is required. Constructed of impact-resistant polycarbonate housing and silver-plated solid copper terminals, the connector housings offer both high physical strength and dielectric properties.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate housing Silver plated solid copper terminals Amperage rating: 175A Suits cable size: 32mm2 (2 B&S)

Key Features:

High Current Capacity: Rated for 175 amps, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications that require significant power transfer.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to withstand harsh environments and ensure long-lasting performance.

Secure Connections: Designed to provide a strong and stable connection, reducing the risk of disconnections or power loss.

Color Coded: The grey color coding helps in easy identification and matching with corresponding connectors, ensuring proper connection.

Versatile Use: Suitable for use in automotive, marine, and industrial applications where reliable power connections are essential.

Temperature Resistant: Built to operate effectively under a wide range of